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                                                                                                      Oct 5 2005

Hello Wojciech Plocharski,

I am a journalist working for an arts & music program called Zündfunk which is broadcast daily on German Public Radio. At the moment I am making a report about what artists, musicians, writers in Poland think about the victory of the conservative parties in the parliamentary election. We want to know what this means for/explains about the social and political climate in your country, whether you personally think this shift of power from the left to the right is good or bad, whether it could change the relationship between Germany and Poland or the position of Poland in the EU ... Just write us what comes to your mind, even if it is pretty speculative at the moment, because the new government has not been built yet.

I wanted to ask you now whether you could write us a short letter (20-30 lines) in English, in which you tell us your opinion about this issue. It would be really great if you would take part in this little project. The deadline would be tomorrow, but if you could write something today, it would be great, too.

Thank you in advance and best regards,

Frederik Kunth (Zündfunk, Bayern2Radio)

Dear Frederik Kunth,

It's a pleasure to write you some informations about my point of view. Firstly I'd like to correct west-european vision connected to word conservative party. PiS (Law and Justice) is simply continuation of post-soviet thinking, however, in this case, with religious background. This party uses elements of revengeful populism, says also about consolidation of national community (in the European Union, globalism and internet era!), announces sanitation of the state, what can mean purges and chases, I'm afraid.

The second winning party PO (Civic Platform) is more democratic grouping and has regular, unidealistic vision, suitable business experience and international refinement. Civic Platform is able to act for polish-german relationships improvement, I hope, what is important for stronger European Union naturally.


Wojciech Plocharski

May 19 2006

I am a journalist working for a program called Zündfunk, which is aired daily on German Public Radio. I have asked you a while ago to write us letters about the political climate in Poland after the last elections.
As two right-wing parties, who are often seen as nationalist, homophobic, anti-semitic and anti-EU, have joined the government now, we are asking ourselves what young people in Poland think about this development. Do you think that it is a step backward for your country away from the European Union?  
Would it be possible that you tell me your opinion about that issue in a short telephone interview in the beginning of next week? Please feel free to write me a date and a time and I will call you.
Thank you very much for reading this. Best regards, Frederik