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Now it is time for some reviews. They proceed from sundry poetry boards and websites, let me say intentionally - from all the market (2001-02). You can become acquainted with the opinions of various age persons. The reviews also derive from various countries. These friendly critics decided to make me happy. They are the best experts.

Czas na kilka recenzji. Pochodza one z roznych poetyckich miejsc publikacji i forow dyskusyjnych, jest to przekroj - powiem celowo - calego rynku (2001-02). Mozna sie tu zapoznac z opiniami osob w roznym wieku. Recenzje pochodza z rozmaitych krajow. Ci przyjazni krytycy postanowili uczynic mnie szczesliwym. To najlepsi eksperci.

S p a c e s

'just makes want to get up on a stage somewhere and rant off some of my own thinking.. you know , i think i will. very nice free form...' LITKICKS 
'I like art that is for the sake of art, and I also like art that questions the establishment. I also like art in which the artist reaches out blindly groping for something new and different. This poem seems to incorporate all of those elements and offers a powerful statement about not only poetry today but about society in general.'  REDPENCIL.NET
*biig cheezy grin*
SO true.. theyve lost faith in it cause theyve lost it in themselves, it is dead for them , so it must be dead for everyone.,
i love this.. its SO COOL!' E-POET FORUMS
'Hmmm...I found myself very receptive to this poem after a few read-throughs - I felt the piece trying to hold me at arms length for my initial perusal - it kind of clanked like heavy duty industrial machinery - didn't want me to hear it speak, just wanted to portay noise - but I persevered. I am glad I did - it masquerades as a solid, unmoving piece but there is something in the lyric which appealed to me eventually - like there is something about space, or spaces in general that don't want you to get too close - like some lines don't wish to be read between. I think the austere styling behind the work makes me want to invade it - like space, or spaces, it needs to be explored. Interesting work.' // 'really intriguingly cool piece. im still sort of going through it--had to re-read it a couple times (definitely a plus). the last line and the first word (or series of letters) really added a cool twist for me. completely refreshed by your style, as always. love your originality and fearless formality (or maybe its informality :)' // 'Your style is unique and intriguing. It draws you in and forces you back to read again and delve deeper. And that can't be a bad thing.'  //  'One word....Brilliant'  ECTOPIA
'This was so good it made me feel bad. Dammit envy, and worship....NOOOO!!!!!!!! That must be the mark of a great writer. When other writers fall at your knees and proclaim you as their god.' WRITER'S NOOK & POETRY PANTRY 

Detective Story (cont.)

'Plo ~ I have read many of your pieces after coming across this one. I should like to sit with you for hours over a drink or two.' REDPENCIL.NET

Public Debt

'Full of wit....I enjoyed what you portrayed here...' // 'Well done!!!!' // 'I agree. Very witty indeed.'  MEETING OF THE MINDS
'Well written and thought provoking' // 'to jest slicznie, twoja poetry. nie mowie po polsku, ale tofj kraj jest bardzo piekny and i want to learn polsku.' // 'Who said satire is dead? A very sharp piece'  ECTOPIA
'LOL... I hear ya!' ALLPOETRY

The Fugitive

'Makes me think about all those artists who where chastised, hated, even, by their contemporaries - makes me think how far ahead of their time they must have been - I think being so anachronistic would have been such a torturous thing to endure - What kind of life is that for an artist, creating all these great things but never seeing people appreciate their worth - you would go to your death believing you were a failure - terrible. What about poor Leonardo? He missed his boat by about four centuries - although a lot of his work was appreciated in his lifetime, so I suppose there is a difference but it must be so frustrating having all those great ideas and not being able to implement them. A very thoughtful piece of work - made me think anyway.' // 'You have such a unique and bewildering style and vision.......Your poetry is never boring or mundane......I enjoy your work so much.....Thanks......I think this is brilliant!' ECTOPIA
'Great, just wonderful.  The first time through I just enjoyed the words, but the last line threw me off.  Then a closer read made me think more and smile at the end.' ABOUT.POETRY
'I really like the ending. Exquisite' ALLPOETRY

Where Are the Champions?

'Great politicians are those who lead a country, its people, for the best of his nation...without thinking of money for himself, nor power for himself, nor fame for himself...one who is not greedy....but these "real" leaders, are usually killed by the bad ones. I remember in Brazil (where I was born) there was a hero (today he is a hero, but he was killed by the bad ones), who fought for the people, for the children who were being forced to work in the mines, etc...They even made a movie about him. His name is Chico Mendes. These are the real leaders.
Where can we find one?

Great write!' // '

Old Poet In Underpants

'I have to admit it took 3 reads, but I still like being told I'm gifted. Even if I ain't. I thoroughly enjoy complicated simplicity. Kudos. Underpants are harder to get at, non?' LITKICKS

'Or maybe not! but definately master of cynology(cynicism) i could learn a thing or two here. good work!' ECTOPIA

'the title caught me first. then your almost editorial slant on verse kept me reading this poem. the old poet who bites his or her words' // 'NICE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!' E-POET FORUMS


Actor,s Anger

'This drips with an eager bitterness. If there's a reason why you changed ' for , I'd really like to know it. I think their audience is shrinking though. Not many left to clap now, apart from fanatics and gullibles. good stuff.' // 'Plo.....excellent as usual...' // 'excellent of course. love your vocabulary as always. you make language a weapon. really admire that.'  ECTOPIA


'Well said! What a graphic picture of utter discontent! Inept management is unforgiveable but perhaps we all want too much these days.' // 'Goodly written poke at bureaucrats.' ALL IN A PEN
'Well spoke!!!!' // 'Excellent thoughts here! Very well spoken indeed!' // 'Very accurate view and verse...' MEETING OF THE MINDS
'this is interesting. I was thinking art first that I didn't like the syntax/rhythm of this, but then I thought about it a little and decided that this is a well crafted piece. The syntax/rhythm suit the topic of the poem well.' // 'yes...this is well crafted! The rhythm is fun. The story and the way it was told was read with delight, and the ending...loved...' // 'Yes, interesting, unique, style that deserves more than one or two reads. Gets better with each read.' // 'lol--really great. "The most important - the mind - rests in a museum glass-case." how GREAT is that! as always, im totally perplexed and completely awe-struck by your poems.' ECTOPIA



Sorry, you can't stop a spam

'I so agree with this. Spam is out of control. Telemarketers, the other bane of society, (although I just lump them into one category) are finally getting some controls put on them. But, spam it just goes on and on. I can understand companies wanting to advertise their products but after you've received about 50 from the same company you'd think they'd get a clue you don't want their products. I think this is like mousetraps - we need to build bigger and better spaminators. And the mail! How many trees went down for that garbage?'  SOULSTARZGALAXY
'Must admit, I was thinking about that sketch - I love Monty Python! I cannot stand media hype, cannot stand commerciality - especially when it rears its ugly head connecting to the arts - I cannot stand the way newspapers only tell us what governments want us to know, I cannot stand propaganda - or anything where greedy multinationals actually look for weaknesses in us ordinary folk, and then attempt exploit those weaknesses. Big Brother is alive and well...but now works in advertising - more money in that than being a faceless dictator. Oh, and I hate bureaucracy too. A good poem to set all ones gripes off.' ECTOPIA 
'I like the message you are conveying in this poem. And I must agree that advertising in all of its putrid forms has spiraled out of control. Every day we are assailed by heaps & heaps of advertising. No matter what medium you choose--TV,internet, radio, newspaper--it's impossible to escape! Maybe you could make this piece even stronger if you include some creative methods of combating all the materialism/consumerism that perpetuates & empowers the spammers & other rogue advertisers!
Good stuff Plo.' REDPENCIL.NET

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